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Our approach is to provide individualized healthcare plans, offering comprehensive treatments and diagnostic studies as well as practical solutions. We encourage you to embrace a healthier lifestyle and optimize your true potential.

Telemedicine Office Visits

Now Available

Speak to our Providers without leaving the comfort and safety of your home with our new telemedicine service. All you need is an internet connection. If you are a patient and have already scheduled your telemedicine appointment, simply click the Providers name to check-in and start your visit.


Offering standard Lab testing you are accustomed to and functional medicine testing to properly diagnose and effectively treat you.


Treating both Female and Male hormone imbalances with customized natural bio identical hormones and botanical medicines.

Weight Loss

Offering prescription appetite suppressants to qualifying patients and natural weight loss therapies known to work effectively.

Best Solution For The Patient

Corebella Health offers conventional and complementary medicine, CAM. We are outcomes based and offer the “best healthcare solution for the patient”. We provide individualized healthcare to help each patient achieve their optimal health.


Sample Diet Plan

Examples of Guten-Free Foods

Sample Diet Plan For Vegans

Lifestyle Diet


Years Experience Integrative Medicine

Corebella health has over 70 years of combined experience in Conventional and Naturopathic Medicine and is positioned to provide you with the best total care possible. Our focus is to optimize your hormone status and to provide you with the best medicine possible to help you meet your health goals. We do not merely get you to a typical reference range of “acceptable”, our aim is to optimize your true potential.